What to Expect

What to Expect in the Aloha House Residential Treatment Program.

Aloha House is a safe environment where individuals can learn about and incorporate recovery and healthy living into their lives.

  • The average length of stay is 42 days, or six weeks. The length of stay is determined by an assessment of needs for each client, and their progress toward treatment goals.
  • Clients will be provided opportunities to discover, learn and practice coping skills to assist in their recovery.
  • Gender specific classes are taught to assist females and males in their recovery programs.
  • A 60-minute, weekly individual counseling session is provided to each person.
  • Classes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Co-Occurring Disorders (Addiction/Mental Health concerns) along with Parenting, Criminal Thinking, Building Healthy Relationships and even Creative Writing help to empower individuals who are struggling with addiction.
  • 12-step program involvement is also a function of treatment and recovery.
  • Recreational outings to the beach, outdoor walks, playing volleyball, kickball and basketball are available, and assist in coordinating mind and body work for a balanced approach to treatment.
  • Three nutritious and delicious meals are provided daily.
  • Aloha House provides a structured schedule, with lights out by 10:00 pm and early morning mediation at 7:30 am. This creates structure within daily living, and is part of a comprehensive approach to recovery.
  • Aloha House welcomes both male and female persons. However, interaction between genders is not just discouraged, it is not allowed except within the classroom setting.
  • Cigarette smoking is allowed but restricted to limited times and locations.
  • It is recommended that clients bring some personal items with them, but some restrictions apply.  Learn more…

For more information, contact an intake specialist at 808-579-8414 x8615