Substance Use Services

Aloha House makes it possible for individuals to change their lives and the lives of those closest to them by helping them achieve and maintain healthy and sober lifestyles.

We provide the only medically monitored detox service on Maui, providing follow up care through our residential treatment program and outpatient programs. Here we help participants rediscover their strengths, learn from their experiences, and create new pathways forward in health and wellness. Our staff members are passionate about helping people achieve lasting recovery. 

Addiction is a disease that impacts the mind, body, and spirit, and threatens relationships among family members and friends. The recovery process touches on all aspects of a person’s life. When we help participants to end their abuse of or dependence on drugs or alcohol, we also help them face a myriad of challenges related to their personal health, home and work life, and relationships. With treatment, participants are often able to reconnect with family members and the community and develop a sense of self-worth. We provide hope and a chance to start over. Challenges with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are worked through and eventually overcome.

Drugs and alcohol affect people differently, and each person requires their own individualized treatment plan. We start by speaking with the client (and sometimes a family member), to understand the full impact that substance use has had on their lives. From there we can recommend the best possible program to fully meet the participant’s needs.


Aloha House staff members interview potential participants and/or family members to determine the most appropriate level of care. When someone is resistant to getting help, the interview process can sometimes help shift their motivation and way of thinking. By talking with a supportive, non-judgmental staff member in this capacity, it is possible for someone to decide that help is needed.

If you are thinking about seeking treatment in our residential program, you probably have a lot of questions about how the program works.  Learn More >>

Group treatment is provided at the Residential and Outpatient levels of care. The group format plays an important role for those seeking help for their substance use disorder. Group participants share common experiences, challenges, and backgrounds, thus reducing isolation and promoting companionship and a sense of togetherness. Group counseling sessions are healing for many because they provide an opportunity to learn about addiction, explore and understand underlying challenges, discover distorted thought patterns and harmful behaviors, and learn new,
healthier ways of coping.

Aloha House utilizes a full continuum of care as well as best practices in the fields of mental health and substance use disorder. Our first step when working with someone is to conduct a thorough assessment in order to provide the least intrusive level of care possible. Once someone has started treatment, we regularly reevaluate needs and progress toward treatment goals in order to recommend the most appropriate next steps; whether moving from residential to outpatient care or from outpatient into sober living, our services include treatment and discharge planning and are fully integrated with appropriate public and private agencies to ensure treatment gains are sustained. We provide guidance as participants create and sustain new sober support networks to ensure long-term recovery.

Aloha House has highly qualified clinical leadership and dedicated support staff. The clinical management team includes professionals in the fields of social work, psychology and psychiatry, which supervises employees and contractors in those fields as well as nurses, marriage and family therapists and paraprofessionals.

We focus on quality outcomes for clients by employing rigorous supervision standards as well as ethical and clinical requirements. We work hand-in-hand with State clinicians to determine the best quality of care for consumers as well as with a variety of Hawaii State government departments, including the Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD), Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD), Department of Education (DOE), the Judiciary and Department of Human Services (DHS). Staff participates in ongoing training to ensure we are utilizing the most current and effective methods of intervention.