Residential Services for Youth

Emergency Shelter

24-hour care in a safe, family-based setting for 10-17 year-olds who need a temporary alternative to home. Youth can find the stability and security they need to address their problems so they can reconnect with their family and the community.

Qualified youth are in a crisis situation, either because they have run away from home or are at risk of running away, are in need of supervision, have been forced to leave their homes by their families or have no home to return to. Potential Emergency Shelter clients can be identified by the Department of Human Services, the Judiciary or through self-referral. Foster parents are thoroughly trained by our staff and our counselors provide assessment, counseling (individual, crisis and family), referrals and service planning.

Call the 24-Hour Emergency Shelter Hotline at 808-579-8406 to access services.

Transitional Family Home

A family home atmosphere for youth ages 10-17 with mental health needs and/or who are experiencing difficulties socially, behaviorally and/or academically. The program helps individuals who are not able to receive care in their own home but are able to achieve stability and growth in a caring atmosphere where they can receive parental supervision, guidance and support.

Transitional Family Home Foster Care parents are trained to provide positive behavioral support aimed at improving young people’s ability to cope with daily stressors, manage emotions and strengthen family relationships. Active participation and input of parents, guardians and clients in the treatment process is essential to program success. MYFS is a licensed Child Placing Organization that recruits and licenses foster parents with approval from the Hawaii Department of Human Services

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Independent Living Program

Support for youth who have aged out of the foster care system and need help with developing and achieving educational and employment goals as well as accessing needed community resources. These resources may be related to healthcare, housing or other social service needs. Counselors help young adults acquire the skills they need to live successful and independent lives.

Individuals must be referred by Hawaii’s Department of Human Services’ (Child Welfare Services) — call 855-643-1643 to learn about obtaining a referral. Or contact MYFS Clinical Director at 808-579-8414 for more information.

Clients must meet the following criteria:
Ages 18 and 21 AND
Were once under permanent or foster care at the time they turned 18 OR
Were placed in a legal guardianship or adopted at the time they turned 16,

Eligible young adults may contact 808-579-8414  for more information.

Transitional Living Program

Provides support, direction and assistance to homeless youth (ages 16-21) in the community so they can become successful young adults. Counselors help with finding safe and stable housing as well as connecting with community resources, exploring and developing educational and employment goals, accessing health/dental insurance, finding a job, learning budgeting and financial skills, and meeting other needs.

And perhaps, most importantly, our counselors are there whenever someone needs help or just a person to listen.

Call 808-579-8414 for more information.

If you work in a school, law enforcement or a community agency, or are just a concerned citizen, and you think someone may benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to make a referral.