Leave a Legacy

Create a lasting impact for your family, and for our community. 

Leaving a gift in your will can provide significant tax relief, leaving more for your heirs, and at the same time help ensure the viability of our organizations for years to come. 

“Life has taught me the importance of the mission of Aloha House and its sister agencies: Helping everyone to achieve and maintain lasting recovery and well-being. 

“Making a bequest to Aloha House helps ensure that this Mission continues and succeeds.  When I signed the estate planning documents naming Aloha House as a beneficiary, I felt truly happy and full of hope.”

Brian Moto, Legacy Donor

Ways to Plan Your Gift Giving

Utilize Your IRA

You may be able to make a gift with your qualified charitable distribution (QCD) by directly transferring funds from your IRA custodian.

A QCD gift can often be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year and is a convenient, and frequently tax-free, way to donate.

RMDs apply if you are currently 70½ years old. However, due to changes made to the law in 2019, RMDs only apply once you are 72 years old, if your 70th birthday is July 1, 2019 or later.

Please consult your tax professional for more details. 

Leave A Legacy

A legacy gift can be made through your will, trust, retirement accounts, insurance policies, or charitable remainder trust. 

There are many options that can help reduce the tax burden for you and your heirs. Depending on your personal situation, your financial advisor can help design the best opportunities for you.

If you have already included us in your plans, let us know so we can thank you for your generosity and, if you choose, recognize your stewardship, in order to inspire others. 

Support the Endowment

Aloha House, Malama Family Recovery Center, and Maui Youth & Family Services each have an endowment fund.

These funds help ensure the longevity of the organizations into the future, and will provide support as needed to help further the mission of each organization.

Helpful Items

To make a charitable bequest, your financial planner will require three pieces of information

This handy Estate Planning Checklist will help you get started.

For more information, contact Malia Bohlin at mbohlin@aloha-house.org

We Appreciate You

Our supporters are key to fulfilling our mission.

‘Ulu Donor

It’s easy to set up a monthly, reoccurring payment via your credit card. When you give a little each month, you provide ongoing sustenance that ensures we are able to continue to help those in need.

Milo Donor

Annual donors of $2,500 or more are community treasures, much like the sacred wood of the Milo tree.

‘Iliahi Donor

Annual donors of $10,000 or more show extraordinary commitment. Like the remarkable ‘Iliahi (Sandalwood) tree, they play a vital role in supporting the health of their community.

Kamani Legacy Donor

Planned Gift donors that, like the sturdy Kamani tree, are enduring and dependable, providing for others beyond their lifetimes.

Koa Legacy Donor

Legacy Donors of $500,000 or more. Koa stands out as the tallest tree in the native forest, and giving at this level shows leadership and benevolence, allowing generations to come to benefit from donors’ generosity.