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As we enter the fall season, we look back and reflect on the challenges of the spring and summer months. The pandemic created a sudden and urgent need for us to learn COVID-19 best practices and prevention tactics. Finding the necessary tools and equipment, putting these practices into place, and meeting the numerous demands of implementing safety protocols at our residential and outpatient facilities, was a huge undertaking. As we learn more about how the virus spreads, we continue to put new precautions in place, such as creating safe isolation spaces for new clients who are awaiting testing or test results.

Like many non-profits on Maui and across the US, we have seen unfortunate impacts from the pandemic.

Our daily census in our residential programs and outpatient programs has been down. Some of our clients have resisted participating in treatment at this time for many of the same reasons many of us have curtailed our own activities; there is a fear of traveling on public transportation; they may have had a change in life circumstances due to the pandemic; or they may be afraid of being in a group living setting, where disease could spread easily.In order to mitigate these issues, we have made significant investments in our technology and training to accommodate the ever-changing needs of clients.

These changes, including implementing telehealth platforms, virtual gatherings, and increasing electronic communication, are changing the way we deliver services.

The need for our services has never been greater.In fact, since February, we’ve seen an 18% increase in our counseling and crisis support services, provided through Maui Counseling Group. Several national surveys reinforce our experience here on Maui; they have shown elevated levels of adverse mental health conditions, substance use, and suicidal ideation. The CDC has recommended that the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic “should [be to] increase intervention and prevention efforts to address associated mental health conditions.” And that “addressing mental health disparities and preparing support systems to mitigate mental health consequences as the pandemic evolves will continue to be needed urgently.”We must remain prepared to meet this need.

Yet, for us, the decrease in residential and other services for clients has led to lower reimbursement contracts, which means reduced revenue. We still have fixed costs to keep our services available, and now additional technology and COVID-19 mitigation costs. With concerns about the future availability of funding from the State of Hawaii and private foundations in 2021, we are implementing a conservative fiscal management plan going forward to best weather this storm.For the many still seeking our help, we need to see our way through.Clearly, there is more work to do, and we need your help. In the coming weeks we will be launching our fall giving campaign. Please give if you can.

Warmest Aloha,

Jud Cunningham, CEO

New Look

We invite you to visit our new website, featuring Maui Behavioral Health Resources’ three partner agencies: Aloha House, Malama Family Recovery Center, and Maui Youth and Family Services. Here you’ll see new logos that honor our significant history in the Maui community, and show the unity among our partner agencies. Learn more about our important programs that truly save lives.

New Home

In June we opened our doors to our new Coordinated Program Services and Training Building. Here we have space for training, state-of-the-art conferencing, and offices for our administrative activities.

New Donor Resource

We’re pleased to announce a new database tool that will keep you up to date on your donation activities. If you’d like to be able to see your past giving, register for events, and update your contact information, register today to create an account with NEON. It’s easy to use, and puts your donation information right at your fingertips.

New Life

“The staff at the Sober Living Program really cares, I can feel it. What they are doing today is because of who they are. They have real life stories and lessons to share. I put it to practice. And I love my life right now. For many years I’ve been missing out, and now I’m just touching the tip of what my life could be. And it’s pretty good.” Lincoln

Get Help

If you, a friend, a family member or someone you know is ever in need, please don’t hesitate to call us at 808-579-8414.

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