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Your kindness can save a life. 

Aloha House, Malama Family Recovery Center, and Maui Youth & Family Services help adults, pregnant and parenting women, and youth suffering from the effects of substance use. Every day, they help Maui residents in crisis get back on their feet and live healthy, productive lives. Almost 8,000 individuals benefited from the services of these Maui Behavioral Health Resources partners last year.

Our goal is important – that every individual gets the help they need in order to achieve and maintain a foundation for lasting recovery and well-being. Your donation can help us reach that goal and make the difference for a person in need.


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Ways To Give

Monthly Donations

Your monthly gift ensures we’re there when a teen is in crisis or a new mother is ready to enter a recovery program. 

Setting up a monthly, recurring payment via your credit card is easy. Select “Make this a recurring donation” when you make a donation.

Our monthly donors are called ‘Ulu Donors, and like the tree, they provide sustenance to ensure our programs are available for those in need. 


Leave A Legacy

Create a legacy by leaving a gift through your will, trust, retirement accounts, insurance policies, or charitable gift annuities. These gifts can provide significant tax relief, while at the same time help provide for the future of our organization.

Your financial advisor can help design the best opportunities for you.

If you have already included us in your plans, let us know so we can thank you for your generosity and, if you choose, recognize your stewardship, in order to inspire others. 

Our legacy donors are called Kamani and Koa Legacy Donors, and like the trees, they are enduring and dependable, providing for others beyond their lifetimes.

Make a Gift of Stock

Donating stock can be an effective and efficient method of supporting our organization. Stock donations may enable you to increase your gift while realizing additional tax benefits for you. Check with your broker or tax advisor to determine if a stock donation can be beneficial for you.

We Appreciate You

Our supporters are key to fulfilling our mission.

‘Ulu Donor

It’s easy to set up a monthly, reoccurring payment via your credit card. When you give a little each month, you provide ongoing sustenance that ensures we are able to continue to help those in need.

Milo Donor

Annual donors of $2,500 or more are community treasures, much like the sacred wood of the Milo tree.

‘Iliahi Donor

Annual donors of $10,000 or more show extraordinary commitment. Like the remarkable ‘Iliahi (Sandalwood) tree, they play a vital role in supporting the health of their community.

Kamani Legacy Donor

Planned Gift donors that, like the sturdy Kamani tree, are enduring and dependable, providing for others beyond their lifetimes.

Koa Legacy Donor

Legacy Donors of $500,000 or more. Koa stands out as the tallest tree in the native forest, and giving at this level shows leadership and benevolence, allowing generations to come to benefit from donors’ generosity.