BabySAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment)

BabySAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment)

BabySAFE is an outreach and early intervention program for women who are at-risk for tobacco, alcohol and/or substance abuse provided by Malama Family Recovery Center. The program offers treatment, referrals for prenatal care and intensive case management to pregnant women so they can learn the tools to achieve and maintain sobriety, and give birth to healthy babies. As part of our commitment to making this program accessible, we provide transportation, childcare, meals, emergency food packages and childcare equipment. Screenings take place at high schools, medical clinics, health fairs and other locations where clients are comfortable. Women, doctors and representatives from community agencies can also reach out to us if they know someone who needs help.

Once women are in BabySAFE they receive substance abuse and addiction treatment and attend either group education classes or one-on-one sessions with the BabySAFE Coordinator.

Educational topics include:

  • Proper prenatal care practices
  • The effects substance abuse has on the fetus and family
  • Post-partum depression
  • Nutrition and physical activity
  • Stress management
  • Healthy parenting techniques

The role of the BabySAFE Coordinator doesn’t stop after the baby is born. New mothers learn how to recognize healthy child development and, when necessary, how to parent a child who has developmental issues. If a baby tests positive for exposure to drugs and/or alcohol during pregnancy, the BabySAFE Coordinator educates the mother about any long-term physical and mental consequences and what can be done to promote normal child development. Intensive case management ensures clients generate sober support in the community and have access to parenting resources as well as community agencies that provide child development services.