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Maui Youth and Family Services Stories

Many of our Maui Youth & Family Services clients have walked a hard road before reaching our program doors. Here they share their personal stories about the lives they were living, the programs that helped them, and how they want to give back to the world.


Trinity's Story

I spent my childhood in Oregon, in a very abusive home. People reported it to CPS, but no one would ever do anything. My mom brought us to Hawaii when she moved here for a guy she was dating. I was 12 at that time.

After living with my dad for a while in Atlanta (I didn’t really know him and he sexually assaulted me), I was in and out of institutions because I had tried to kill myself. Then I moved to live with my sister in Oregon. 

My mom was still living on Maui with her drug dealer boyfriend and my little sisters. I went back to Maui to stay with her. I was sent to Oahu for treatment after a suicide attempt, then put in foster care on Maui. 

I didn’t get the help I needed until I was in a Maui Youth & Family Services program home. I was in a really good foster home for the first time. I was 17 by then. They gave me what I needed, and I was in therapy. 

My case manager Eva, and the clinical director Susan, have made a big impact on me. They helped me get my school transcripts so I could apply for college, and they helped me get health insurance.  Through all of that, they were trying to get to know me, and to build a relationship with me. They are like my family in a way, they are the people that actually helped me accomplish the goals that I had.

Jolie headshot

Jolie's Story

Project Venture has made a difference in my life and how I make my decisions. They have taught me how to rethink everyday situations, even the smallest of things. They helped me have different ways of looking at something, to make a decision, or learn how to resolve or avoid a conflict in the future.

The staff are always willing to help me with anything I might need. They taught me multiple skills like camping etiquette, learning about cultures around the world, and even first aid. They also give me an opportunity to get out of the house, while being safe and learning something new. That is how Project Venture has impacted me and my life.

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