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Maui Youth & Family Services 

Supporting At-Risk Youth and Families in Maui County

Is your child struggling with mental health issues, substance use, or drug addiction? Do they face behavioral challenges, alcoholism, or are they at risk of teen drug use? For over 40 years, Maui Youth & Family Services has provided vital resources:

  • Adolescent treatment services
  • Mental health counseling
  • Residential shelters and foster homes  
  • Outpatient and school-based counseling
  • Family therapy  
  • Homelessness prevention programs
  • Independent living assistance
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No matter a child's needs, our compassionate team develops personalized plans focused on positive change to help the whole family thrive.

Prevention Services

We offer workshops, counseling groups, and education at Maui County schools. These build self-esteem, teach life skills, and reduce risks of substance use and other issues. Youth can participate in experiential programs at our centers, which combine outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and service projects to engage them positively.

Outpatient and School Treatment

Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

For 12- to 17-year-olds, our individualized outpatient care provides clinical supervision, family therapy, group counseling, and drug treatment through recreational and cultural activities.

School-Based Services

Confidential on-site counseling, education, and support groups at schools allow students to access care for substance abuse without fear of repercussions.

Residential Programs

Emergency Shelter

24/7 temporary housing and support for youth ages 10-17 in crisis situations like runaways or displacement, providing stability to overcome challenges.

Independent Living

Case management, counseling, and life skills for teens aging out of foster care to achieve education, career, and self-sufficiency goals.

Foster Family Homes

Nurturing foster homes offering behavioral support and guidance for youth with mental health needs or social/academic difficulties.  

Transitional Living

Safe housing assistance, job coaching, and community referrals for homeless youth 16-21 to become successful adults.

Stories of Hope and Healing from Maui Youth & Family Services

Read personal stories showcasing how our caring, comprehensive approach empowers youth and families on their journeys of hope and healing.

Get Started Today

Whether seeking help for a child or exploring programs, this first step connects you to the guidance you deserve with no obligation.

Support for Families & Our Community

For loved ones of youth battling addiction, mental health issues, or other challenges, we provide professional care and the chance to take an active role:

  • Educate yourself on their specific needs 
  • Attend family counseling together
  • Follow treatment plans 
  • Offer patience, affirmation, and encouragement

As a nonprofit, donations allow us to offer vital prevention, intervention, and residential programs at no cost for Maui County families in need.

FAQs About Maui Youth & Family Services

Our programs provide comprehensive support for youth facing a wide range of challenges, including substance abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health disorders like depression or anxiety, behavioral issues, family conflict, trauma, and more. We take a holistic approach to treating the whole family.

Yes, we have residential facilities that provide 24/7 monitoring and intervention for youth struggling with severe substance use disorders, addiction, or acute mental health needs requiring intensive inpatient care. These programs include individual/group therapy, education, recreation, and other services.

The first step is completing an intake form and consulting with one of our counselors. They will carefully assess the child’s specific situation, needs, and issues like drug use or alcoholism to determine the most appropriate level of care and programs. We then work closely with the family to develop a personalized treatment plan.

We have counseling offices in the Kahului area and residential treatment centers in Makawao and Lahaina that provide substance abuse treatment, mental health care, and more. Our school-based prevention programs also serve middle and high schools across the county.

Thanks to government funding, grants, and charitable donations, many of our core services — like counseling, prevention education, outpatient treatment, and shelters — are offered at little to no cost. Certain programs operate on a sliding scale fee based on household income to ensure affordable access.

"Maui Youth & Family Services definitely helped me change the group of people I hang out with, and process why I was doing drugs, and why I was making those choices. They gave me the guidance I needed growing up."