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Aloha House Stories

Many of our clients have walked a hard road before reaching our doors. Here, they share their personal stories about the lives they were living, the programs that helped them, and how they want to give back to the world.

Headshot of Adam

Adam's Story

I didn’t start drinking until I was a senior in high school. Once I turned 21, I used cocaine in the club scene and some ecstasy. I had a seizure one time, and that’s how my family found out. Because I couldn’t hide the cocaine from them, I couldn’t do that anymore, so I started doing ice. Then it just took over.

There were times when I was using substances when I would wake up and realize I had to use to keep going; I’d need to use so much just to be ‘normal.’  In active addiction, when you’re in it, you’re blinded, and you think everything is OK. But in my addiction, I created my own prison.

I was first incarcerated at the end of 2005. That started the cycle of in and out. I did many years in prison, and this is eventually what brought me to Aloha House. The biggest impact Aloha House had in my life was that they invested in my wellbeing and my growth and gave me a chance. They believed in me, and now, three years later, I’m a program coordinator.

Headshot of Marcus

Marcus's Story

I was a party person. I liked drinking, then I got hooked on cocaine and then crystal meth. Eventually, I stopped, and I was clean for seven years. Then I got into a motorcycle accident, and I was prescribed pain pills, and I got hooked on those. From there, things got really bad; everything spiraled downward, and eventually, I ended up homeless. I entered the Aloha House Residential Treatment program on Valentine’s Day, 2019. I stayed for 45 days.

After that I moved to the Sober Living Program, where I participated in intensive classes and group and individual counseling sessions.  Now, I have a car, home, job, and money in my account. This is all thanks to the team at Residential, plus the support I’ve gotten from the Sober Living Program.

Many of the Aloha House staff have been through what I’ve been through, so they understand. And those who are not in recovery themselves have the “street smarts” it takes to understand us. That’s what I relied on the most. 

Headshot of Kaeo

Kaeo's Story

In high school, I was drinking and smoking weed. I got into ice during my senior year. Over time, I just did ice and drinking, then just ice. I spent time in jail in 2012 and 2016-18, and both times I went into treatment as part of my probation.

At Aloha House, they tell you, to stay in recovery, “Change your place, your people, and your things.” But I didn’t listen. I saw my old friends in the same old place, and my old habits came back.

In the past, instead of dealing with life on life’s terms, I wanted to numb everything and use drugs. Your problems aren’t going anywhere, you can either deal with your problems now or later. I made one year sober on Sept 12, 2020.

Now I have a totally different life, all of my friends are in recovery. My sober support is strong. I work as a HVAC installer. I have money in the bank. Any emergencies that come up, I can take care of it. I get a flat tire, I can get a new one the same day. I love that. I’m comfortable.

Begin Your Story of Recovery

The powerful testimonials you’ve read demonstrate that lasting recovery is possible when someone believes in your ability to transform. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, take inspiration from these stories and start writing a new recovery story today.