My mom left when I was 4 years old

The only thing I remember before my parents abandoned me and my brother is taking care of my baby brother while my mom and dad did their drugs. Then my mom left when I was 4 years old. I always just wanted to come home and have my mom be there for once. I felt like an abandoned little girl…lost, depressed and lonely. Then I started drinking at age 10 with my cousins and smoking weed at 11. I would smoke so I didn’t have to fill the feelings of being unwanted, unloved, lost, abandoned and lonely. Which then lead me to stealing, lying, cheating and on the road of destruction. All I wanted was a normal family with love, comfort and support. Since I came to treatment I have inherited a new family that loves me when I’m down and supports me in any way they can. Malama has given me the tools to be independent and to cope with life on my own terms. I was able to be included in a family I never had and strived to have growing up. I was also able to show my real self without being judged. I would like to thank Malama for believing in me and teaching me a whole new outlook on life.